Hello dear visitors,

it is always difficult to write something about myself.
Who am I?

My artistname is RaiRuri, which is made up of Rai (Japanese for trust / hope) and Ruri (Japanese for emerald). Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies and rarely did I sell a picture (mostly portraits). I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pen and what I enjoy most is coloring with sharp contrasts. Now I draw more on the PC than by hand.

Many of my hobbies are in arts. Besides drawing, I also like to take photos, write a little poetry and stories and also really like music and films. I also have a guitar, but I wouldn't call it playing - I'm nowhere near that good. She calms me down with the vibrations of her tones.

My main characteristic ... which also strongly determines my life is my shyness. Drawing is like self-therapy. For now, however, I took off from accepting orders.
I hope, dear visitor, that the colorful world of my drawings and photos inspires you to see the world with an open heart and happier (than it sometimes is).

Have fun on my page,

yours RaiRuri